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Embracing a Healthier Way of Consumption: The Millet Revolution ​

In our fast-paced modern world, it’s easy to fall into the trap of convenience foods and unhealthy dietary habits. We often find ourselves reaching for processed snacks and sugary beverages to keep up with our busy lives. However, it’s becoming increasingly evident that this way of consumption is taking a toll on our health and the planet. In this blog, we’ll explore why it’s imperative to switch to a healthier way of consumption and how you can achieve this by incorporating millets into your everyday diet.


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My father has been consuming Kibays’ chapathis for a while now and there is no spike in his blood sugar levels. My child also likes the chapathis. Kudoos to your work.



I have been regularly using Kibays Millet Phulkas for more than a year now. Within minutes fresh, soft puffed phulkas are ready to eat. They come very handy on busy days, weekends to accompany with our meal.



Fantastic job with the product and for introducing it.  I had to skip gluten food for a long period of time knowing what impact it leaves on our health, but these millet-based chapathis seem to be suiting me.



My family likes to eat rotis at night and I was looking for a simple solution of premade rotis. I wanted to avoid the mess on my kitchen platform and cleaning up again at night. I tried many options in the market and was not satisfied.


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