About Us

Welcome to Eating Healthy Everyday, Welcome to Kibays

At Kibays, we believe in the goodness of wholesome nutritious food and the magic of a mother’s love. Our journey began with a simple mission – to create nutritious, convenient, delicious, and healthy meals that bring the warmth and strength of a mother’s kitchen to your table.

The Millet Saga

Our range of Ready to Eat and Ready to Cook phulkas is a testament to our commitment to your well-being. Experience the goodness of millets with our diverse selection of phulkas. From the robust flavor of jowar to the classic appeal of wheat, the earthy richness of bajra, the nutritional powerhouse of ragi, and the aromatic twist of methi – each phulka is a unique journey for your taste buds.

Our Team

Kibays’ rotis are crafted with a mother’s love, placing the health and happiness of each consumer at the forefront with every delicious bite.

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